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Open roads, long drives and your favourite music playing through your tailor-made audio system…

Old School Car Audio aims to inspire car audio enthusiasts by providing genuine feedback, inspiring videos, unique high-end products and a facility to bring the world of car audio to your doorstep.



Craig Harrison is a qualified Chief Engineer with over 20 years international offshore engineering and project construction management experience in the oil and gas industry.  His first passion however, is car audio.

This started way back in the 1980’s in his high school days by connecting home stereo speakers and a cassette player into a Datsun 200B, and his curiosity for all things car audio hasn’t stopped since then.  In 2011, Craig began collecting vintage car audio equipment before eventually launching Old School Car Audio in 2017.

Craig has a solid understanding of the necessary processes required to achieve the delivery of large projects, and his expertise ensures your car audio vision is translated into a workable solution that best suits your listening habits, and then executed within your financial and schedule constraints.

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